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Our Team

KC Baker & Associates comprises of many types of financial professionals to aid in the assistance of getting individuals, families and businesses to their financial goals. KC Baker & Associates is an elite group of financial advisor, financial planner, financial broker. This means we can help you protect your assets, grow your future money, assist you with your children’s college plan, assist in developing retirement plans for businesses and individuals or rolling over your hard earned monies into plans where you will never loose a penny from the downturn of the stock market. Ensuring Financial Wellness for all.


Karen C. Baker

KC Baker & Associates


Insurance broker


Karen C. Baker is the Founder and CEO of KC Baker & Associates for over 37yrs. Her God given purpose, her destiny has always been teaching the masses on how money works, showing sound strategies on creating Generational Wealth and of course increasing Financial Literacy with all her clients. She believes education is the key to understanding how to build and how to create wealth. She accomplishes this thru many mediums to include, but not limited to seminars, workshops, teaching classes, hosting TV Talk shows, mentoring and empowering other to become financially free. Ensuring Financial Wellness for all is necessary in these critical times. She believes in the motto, each one teach one.


Karen A. Curtis

KC Baker & Associates Team Lead/Trainer 


I belong to a team of elite professionals dedicated to serving the financial needs of individuals & families by offering suitable and revolutionary financial solutions. My mission is to help everyone achieve financial freedom and peace of mind!


Vanda Jamison


KC Baker & Associates Team Lead/Trainer 

Licensed Insuranced Broker/ Agent

assisting the masses with financial

preparedness. She educates and empowers business owners and individuals on the most powerful ways to implement financial strategies, build wealth that reach their financial goals.

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